Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An experience on its own

I was asked by Branko to publish this on his behalf. I think he has some nice words for you to read.

"I want to spread the word that the second issue of STRIPOLIS is printed. It represents a creation I dreamed of a lot. This project is created and realized thanks to the good will of comic authors around the world. By doing this they contributed to the development of comics not only is Serbia but in the entire region with their donations. There are fewer and fewer comic book magazines of this kind in the world.
I didn’t just want to satisfy the taste of our readers directing ’Stripolis’, but to create a magazine of high quality which is on the same level with every other art form. I hope that the quality of all the works speak for themselves.
In this issue, beside the artwork, you can read analytical texts of Neil Chon and Huib Van Opstal.
There is no need to point out the importance of “Stripolis”. Readers are used to read from the screen of a monitor nowadays, but it is obvious that the touch of paper of a comic book is something else. An experience of its own. It includes the activation of more senses and we are aware of this fact today more than ever before.
“Stripolis” has got an international character, representing our country to the world and also reveals some of famous names of authors who create quality work and were unknown to our readers. Cooperation with different authors around the world will stay as a permanent experience in my heart forever.
I hope that our readers will enjoy the same experience turning the pages of “Stripolis” and getting to know the works of all those authors."

This is little something he made for presentation on our "Stripolis"promotions:

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